Lab Members


NascanNascan Gill

Étudiant à la Maîtrise en psychologie, Nascan s’intéresse à l’effet des interventions basées sur la pleine conscience sur les processus psychologiques de perception de la douleur. Son projet de recherche porte sur l’évaluation de courtes intervention de pleine conscience sur la tolérance et la sensibilité à la douleur, ainsi que sur l’interférence cognitive causée par la douleur. Il espère ainsi mettre en lumière les mécanismes par lesquels les interventions de pleine conscience provoquent des changements positifs chez les patients souffrant de douleur chronique.



Lesley Budell

MinaMina Khoshnejad

Mina’s research is oriented towards properties and neural correlates of sensory memory of pain perception. In particular, she is interested in the mechanisms involved in the encoding and remembering of dynamic changes in pain, through psychophysical and neuroimaging methods.


AlexandraAlexandra Ladouceur

(programme MD/PhD, co-supervision with Mathieu Piché)




VeroVéronique Taylor





T-ThierryThomas Thiery

Studying at the University of Montreal, Thomas is currently a PhD student in cognitive psychology. The goal of his research is to improve our understanding of consciousness and its altered states (hypnosis, meditation, anesthesia, sleep) by investigating brain dynamics using neuroimaging techniques (EEG, MEG, fMRI). His research interests focus on neurophenomenology, predictive coding, artificial intelligence and complex systems theory. Overall, his current and future research projects reflect his strong interest in a broader interdisciplinary research agenda that seeks to connect the dots between neuroscience, philosophy and anthropology.

Research coordinators – assistants

JeniJen-I Chen

Jeni holds a Master in Neuroscience (McGill, 2000) and currently provides the know-how in fMRI data acquisition and analysis in the lab. She provides support to all lab members on various analysis platforms (BrainVoyager, fMRIstat, FreeSurfer, FSL, SPM) and ensures the quality of the data and analyses (acquisition and analyses optimization). Jeni also coordinates collaboration of projects with other researchers and takes care es of the lab.



Anna BendasFB_IMG_1529697850468

Anna is completing her Bachelors in psychology at McGill University. She is currently Pierre’s and Mathieu Roy’s research coordinator. Her tasks include of the financequipment management, management of ongoing research projects, and keeping computers, software, supplies and ethics protocols up to date.